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How can I identify my car at the scheduled pick-up location?

The designated driver will display a pick-up sign with your name printed on it. All of our cars are label free (no advertising, promotion or lettering pasted to car).

What's driver's dress code?

It is the executive dressing requirement that 123 Corporate Transportation asks of its drivers when they are at work.

Where is the fine print?

There is not fine print, hidden charges or bait and switch here. We want to build an honest, reliable and efficient reputation with our customers in order to gain a recurring service user. With your confirmed reservation you will receive a detailed list of projected charges to review. We do not charge your credit card until the day and time of service.

What is your waiting time policy?

You will be given 30 free minutes (50 for international flights) at the airports (from original updated schedule arrival time) and 10 minutes at all  other locations, after which you will be charged $50.00 an hour for a sedan and the according limousine rate if a limo reservation.

Will I be charged waiting time if my flight is delayed?

No if the updated arrival data is accurate and steady. We will track your flight by calling the airlines and using the FAA flight tracker system, then we will adjust your reservation accordingly. (At times this information is not accurate or is constantly changing and your best option is calling (877)800-6500 (TOLL FREE) before departure with the new schedule, arrival gate or flight # if different from the original). Waiting time will start 30 minutes after original updated schedule arrival.

If the arrival time changes at the last minute (15 minutes or less prior to already updated ETA) then there will probably be waiting time charges. This situation usually occurs when there are no gates available and the plane sits on the tarmac/runway for a few minutes and some times hours before getting to the assigned gate, or the plane has to circle a few times before landing, or gets diverted to a nearby airport. Our driver is already there since the plane got to the airport air space at the updated scheduled time. All of these unpredictable variables could cause waiting time charges.

What is a no-show?

A no-show takes place when a car has been waiting for you at the pick up location for a determined period of time ( 1½ hour after the plane has landed or a half hour at locations other than the Airports ) and there is no contact between you and the driver or you and the office. This situation usually occurs when you fail to cancel your reservation within the allotted time frame, or you need much more time than expected to get to the car and fail to notify your driver or the office.

How much will I be charged for a no-show?

If the pick up is at the airport or out of town, you will be charged the full fare from NYC/Miami to the reserved Airport/Town location and in special situations waiting time and parking will also be added to the no-show fee.

For pickups in NYC or Miami (not airports) you will be charged for 1 hour at the hourly vehicle rate.

How much time do I have to cancel a sedan or SUV reservation before getting charged for a no-show or cancellation fee and why?

Cancellation fee: 24 hours before scheduled pickup time (If cancelling by E-mail, a 48 hours in advance is required).

No-Show: 5 hours before scheduled pickup time (If cancelling by E-mail, a 24 hours in advance is required).

Why? Once a booking is confirmed, a vehicle/driver is assigned/reserved 6 to 8 hours before scheduled pickup time. From this point, that vehicle/driver cannot be assigned to another job around the same time slot. Since we are in-advance reservations only, the reserved vehicle/driver will be left without assignment.

How much time do I have to cancel a limousine reservation before getting charged for a no-show or cancellation fee and why?

Cancellation fee: 24 hours before scheduled pickup time (If cancelling by E-mail, a 48 hours in advance is required).

No-Show: 5 hours before scheduled pickup time (If cancelling by E-mail, a 24 hours in advance is required).

Why? Limousine fleets are of a reduce size and limo reservations are booked well in advance. Chances are that we won’t be able to rebook that limo for that specific time slot.

How much is the cancellation fee?

$75.00 for 8, 10 & 15 pax stretch limousines.

$100.00 for SUV stretch limousines.

$150.00 for Hummer stretch limousines.

$25.00 for sedans & $35.00 for SUVs (24 to 5 hours in advance).

Cancellation fees does not apply re-schedules on your reservation. However, if you make a short notice change to your pickup time, a cancellation fee or waiting time may be imposed according to the situation which will be evaluated by our management.

What is the difference between a Yellow Cab and 123 Corporate Transportation Luxury sedans?

A Yellow Cab has a partition that divides the rear seat from the front seats taking away about 8″ of leg room.

Our drivers are well groomed and required to follow a dress code (tie and jacket), to be fluent in English in addition to their native language and to be respectful and courteous.

Our cars are safer and cleaner (each driver owns the car it drives and therefore does not want to get into an accident and wants to keep the car spotless). Yellow Cabs are in the most part rented and the drivers only concern is beating the next Cab to a fare, creating a very unsafe environment.

If you get stuck in traffic while riding in a Yellow Cab, chances are that you are going to pay more than riding with us since the meter runs in slow or stopped traffic.

You will never loose an item in our cars since there will be a record available to track the car/driver.

Yellow Cabs and most car services don’t take credit cards.

How will I locate my driver?

There is a meet and greet location at the gate exit where your driver will be waiting for you with an 123 Corporate Transportation greeting sign with your last name on it (if you instruct us not to display your name when you make your reservation then just look for the driver with our company sign).

What is Meet & Greet service ( Concierge )?

The driver waits for the passenger(s) inside the terminal somewhere in between the arrival’s gate and the baggage claim area holding a sign with the passenger’s name on it. The driver greets the passenger and assist with the luggage.

What if I can't locate my driver?

With you confirmation, you will be given a toll free phone number to call in the event of not being able to make contact (this would normally occur when there is a last minute gate change, the terminal’s arrivals monitor is incorrect or the terminal parking lot is full or closed).

How much is the service gratuity?

10% of the published base rate.

The gratuity is optional for generic car and taxi service offered by NYC and local licensed for hire vehicles (FHV).

Can I setup an account?

Yes. Any individual person or corporation can setup an account by submitting a personal or corporate account form available on the forms menu.

What kind of sedan does 123 Corporate Transportation offers?

Late model black Lincoln Town car, Cadillac DTS, BMW 750 Li and Mercedes Benz S-class models.

Do your vehicles have any identifying label/sign or advertising?

No. There is no car number or any kind of sign/advertising in the vehicles except for the name sign in the window at pickup time.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged and must be presented to the driver on the day of service. Pre-payment must be arranged when the traveler is someone other than the credit card holder.

Can I pay the driver in cash?

No. You should never pay the driver in cash unless you have previously pre-arrange a cash payment. If you specified credit card payment on your reservation request, your credit card will be charged/verified on the day of service (prior to pickup time to ensure that the credit card/debit card has enough funds to cover your fare).

If you do not see the answer to your question here, simply email us and we’ll respond to your question as soon as possible.

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